Pacsun launches gender-neutral kidswear category

Pacsun, the US-based retail clothing brand, has announced the launch of a new gender-neutral kidswear category. Known as Pacsun Kids, the new category comprises gender-neutral clothes for kids aged between 4 and 14. Currently, it is available on company’s website, with its wholesale ally Nordstrom.

However, by later this year, the new category will also be available in Pacsun’s Los Angeles and NYC flagship stores. The clothing brand also said that it will launch its maiden full gender-neutral brand in the fall, Colour Range, which will include a kidswear category.

The category, notably, will feature styles from partnered brands like adidas, Champion, FOG Essential Kids and Santa Cruz, amongst others.

The launch of Pacsun Kids is seen as brand’s efforts to further extend its genderless apparel offerings. While last year, it first unveiled a gender-neutral category, in the spring it had launched its Summer 2021 campaign that showcased gender-neutral collection.

Pacsun believes that if one puts restrictions on what kids can wear, it will be like putting limits on their minds, interests and imagination.

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