Hodinkee Turns Out Another Flaming-Hot Collaboration


A person wearing a bespoke watch on their wrist with an intricately carved metal face

Ressence is known for making impossibly sleek watches. The company uses chambers filled with oil to create a completely flat surface that mimics the look of a smart watch, while beneath the surface is a very traditional and rigorous bit of watchmaking. The results are mesmerizing.

This new watch, made in partnership with watch site Hodinkee, doesn’t follow that template. Rather than hiding the magic behind inky black oil, the new Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD puts everything out in the open. It looks a little bit like you punctured Ressence’s typical Type 1 and let the oil trickle out.

The dial is still made up of a flat arrangement of discs, but it uses a honeycomb design to let the wearer see beneath to the inner mechanics. The effect is not unlike gazing into the innards of a clock tower.

Another interesting touch: Hodinkee and Ressence stripped away the crown, the small windy protrusion that often appears on the right side of a watch.

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