With the online shopping craze slowly taking hold across the nation, I am quite dismayed every day at the number of fake brand name products being sold online. For example, a friend of mine recently bought a fake Gucci watch online.

While some sellers are outright crooks, offering lucrative prices for Gucci watches claiming they are real; people get carried away by outdated price tags.

When someone decides to buy Gucci, it is certainly because of the brand. Some people don’t even hesitate to spend a small fortune to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobe, but it’s quite heartbreaking how young shoppers get cheated every now and then.

The luxury brand, Gucci, founded in 1921, remains one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. They basically produce three types of watches: quartz, automatic and bracelet.

Among all other brands, Gucci is the most replicated brand today. Counterfeit Gucci watches may look quite genuine to you, but they feature inexpensive quality mechanisms, have no value, and are illegal.

If you are thinking of gifting your wife a Gucci watch, be sure to check the red flags indicating that it is a fake.