What you can do to help the environment during ‘fast fashion’ boom

April 22 is Earth Day, and usually you’ll hear all kinds of news stories on how to recycle the right way, how to use less electricity, gas, etc. But this year, we wanted to introduce you to something some of us don’t think about a lot; fashion and the environment. How one piece of clothing, from the marketing to the production, is impacting our world.

Sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable, all terms we hear often from companies trying to better the environment, including clothing companies. However, this might just be a new marketing tactic.

Natalie Krieger is a student at the University of Kansas. For one of her classes, she researched fast fashion and how companies portray themselves when it comes to the environment. Finding some brands don’t actually follow the message they are promoting. Fast fashion is a way for companies to make the latest trends at a cheap and fast pace while producing them in large quantities.

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