Sound of music returns to the Eagles’ nest

“One year, one month, two weeks and four days” — that’s how long it had been since music students at Kennett High School got the opportunity to play collectively due to COVID-19, according to Dr. Therese Davison, music director for the Eagles.

Tuesday turned out to be an emotional day for both Davison and her students.

Thanks to the arrival of musical PPE (personal protective equipment) from North Carolina, the hometown flock brightened the campus with the sound of music. And the first song?

“The most important song a band can play,” said Davison, “and that’s ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’ I have to say, they sounded pretty darn good. The kids were over-the-moon happy.”

She added: “I was surprised by how much they remembered. They’re getting to know an old friend after being apart. They will sound even better when we can get back to a more normal routine.”

The last time the Eagles had played as a band had been on Friday, March 13, 2020, the final time they did face-to-face instruction that school year.

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