OPINION | FRONT BURNER: Enchilada chicken soup recipe for the impatient

It’s that simple, but so tasty.

I came across the recipe while scrolling Facebook. A friend shared it and I quickly snapped a screenshot so it wouldn’t get lost in the void of my news feed. The original poster was Skip Jenny Davenport of DeCordova, Texas, but I didn’t follow Skip Jenny’s recipe.

In my eagerness to give the new recipe a try, I failed to read it all the way through — I know, a cardinal sin I’ve warned against so many times over the years — and didn’t notice the words “Crock Pot” in the title.

But in all honesty, even if I had noticed that the original was a slow cooker recipe, I still would have made it my way. I have nothing against slow cooker recipes for the patient, but I am not patient. Unless I’m cooking a pot roast, I rarely plan that far ahead. When I do cook pot roast, it’s usually my husband who reminds me to get everything in the slow cooker so we can eat dinner at a reasonable hour.

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