Watch: Diet Biscuits/Cookies Recipe – A Healthy Snack For Weight Loss Diet

Tea is something almost all of us need to start our day in the morning or recharge ourselves in the evening, or for both. Tea has an innate ability to instantly lift us up (read: wake us up) and it tastes best when paired with a crunchy biscuit for a light snack. We have grown up eating store-brought biscuits that come in a variety of flavours and textures. It’s only now that we have begun to realise that they might be laden with harmful preservatives or excessive oil or sugar content. If you, like all other recently-turned health fanatics, want to try homemade biscuits or cookies, we have a recipe for you.

These diet cookies are made with whole wheat flour with a hint of semolina. Do you love the biscuits that come with jam jelly filled in the centre? This recipe will make the same for you but with much-healthier gur. We found this amazing recipe on YouTube channel ‘Let’scookwithtina’.

Here is the step-by-step recipe to make diet biscuits/cookies at home:

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