Carleton alumni launch new music technology company

John Greene ’96 and Christopher Roan ’04 discuss their role in The Coda Collection, a new music technology company that seeks to bridge the gap in the music industry around video content and how fans can connect with artists.

Last March, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, John Greene ’96 began stealthily working on a new project that just launched publicly last month: The Coda Collection, a partnership with Amazon, Yoko Ono, and Janie Hendrix that shows exclusive music-related videos on Amazon Prime. The Collection’s recently launched website provides important context around the artists and their work — such as timelines and stories — and accompanies their video content.

Greene is chief product officer for the Coda Collection and a member of the original executive team. This is the second company he has helped build from the ground up, having previously launched United Masters, which helps independent artists distribute their music and connect with brands. Greene explained that he is a “builder” who loves the thrill of “taking something from the proverbial sketch on the back of a piece of paper to the real world.”

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