How fashion designers flipped to athleisure during Covid

“I went into autopilot… my first real thoughts and feelings were concern about my family and loved ones,” says the Los Angeles-based 42-year-old.

“And then I thought about the economy, and how that would impact my business. We had to think quickly… to keep the business afloat during the challenging times ahead.”

Mr Wu is a designer of bespoke suits beloved by a number of Hollywood actors, including Laverne Cox, Beth Dover, and Jake Graf.

Like most high-end fashion bosses, he suddenly found that with no-one able to go out to big events, such as film premiers, or even just to a fancy restaurant, far fewer people wanted to buy a expensive suit.

So Mr Wu decided he had to pivot his business. With everyone isolating at home he launched a range of “athleisure” clothing – sporty leisurewear, such as sweatshirts and leggings, that can be worn both while exercising or simply while relaxing and lounging around.

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