NFL Highlights Minority Candidates at QB Coaching Summit

Troy Vincent wrapped up the NFL’s three-day General Manager Forum and Quarterback Coaching Summit with a passionate plea to anyone who still thinks there aren’t worthy Black candidates for head coaching positions. Vincent praised Houston Texans assistant coach Pep Hamilton, Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson and several other coaches who gave impressive presentations during this week’s webinar.

“We want the best for our game, so this was confirmation that these young men are talented,” said Vincent, the five-time Pro Bowl cornerback and the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations. “They’ve developed the best quarterbacks at the collegiate level. Now all of a sudden they can’t develop a quarterback, they can’t call plays but they’re coaching the top 5 draft picks year in and year out. Stop it. We’ve got work to do, but we’re committed to it.”

The league held its inaugural GM Forum, named after Ozzie Newsome, on Monday and followed up with its fourth annual QB Coaching Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are only four Black GMs and three Black head coaches in a 32-team league where about 70% of the players are minorities.