How Digital Passports Are Improving Sustainability In The Fashion Sector

Fashion has a sustainability problem. The industry is responsible for one-tenth of global carbon emissions and its business model relies on us discarding old clothes and buying new ones. Now a digital innovation aims to change all that.

One of the greatest hindrances to creating a circular fashion economy has been product identification. That pre-owned item looks like a designer brand, but is it? When was it made and what’s it made of?

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The fashion industry emits more CO2 than aviation and shipping combined.

But attempts to create a fashion circular economy are stalling because of product identification issues.

Now a New York start-up has developed a digital passport for clothing.

It can track the entire lifecycle of a garment, helping to reduce waste.

Eon is a member of The Circulars Accelerators Cohort 2021 on Uplink.

New York start-up Eon says it can answer all those questions. Major fashion brands are currently uploading data about their products to Eon’s Connected Products platform, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that tracks fashion items throughout their lifecycle.

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