Every Celebrity Is Dressing Like ’90s Cindy Crawford Right Now

You’ve probably heard it over and over again, so much so that it’s getting annoying: Fashion has returned! It’s finally time to get dressed up! And wear non-stretchy clothes, complete with elaborate straps, buttons, and cutouts!

However, just because we’re back to socializing like real, live humans doesn’t mean that picking out outfits has suddenly become any easier. We still get stumped about what to wear before leaving the house (leaving! the! house!), but thankfully, the fashion-forward celebrity crowd is back to save us just like old times, providing plenty of inspiration with their everyday looks.

For instance, it’s possible you’ve noticed that the classic combination of a white shirt and jeans has become pretty popular among models, actresses, and influencers as of late. It’s an easy look to re-create, making use of staples that are already in our closet, and on top of being super sleek and approved by the world’s best dressed people, it also has that nostalgia factor.

To this day, this exact pairing reminds me of a ’90s supermodel, specifically Cindy Crawford, who famously wore a white tank top with denim in her 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial.