Return of music festivals to provide relief for people’s mental health

COVID-19 and its impact on mental health has become a real stressor in people’s lives, including the lack of interaction with family and friends. That’s why the ability to attend sporting events and concerts in-person has brought a sense of relief and normalcy to many.

The return of live events including Country and Rock Fest in Cadott has given people something to look forward to this summer. The pandemic deprived music fans from gathering for more than a year. So what better way to heal than through the power of music.

According to Country and Rock Fest General Manager Wade Asher, the two festivals will also bring more than $25-million dollars to the local economy.

“Thank you for bringing back the economic impact. Thank you for bringing back the power of healing through live music because nothing heals better than live music. Nothing brings people together than live music. Everybody has division in sports, politics, you name it, but live music brings people together,” says Asher.

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