Celebs, Supermodels, and Fashion Editors Agree: This Is the Only Shoe to Wear This Summer

There aren’t any hard and fast rules about which shoes are appropriate to wear in the summer. There are only logical no-nos, like you might not want to wear shearling-lined Ugg boots because your feet will sweat (though the Fluff Yeah slides have proven to be a beloved warm-weather shoe). Flats, sandals, and slides are classic summer footwear picks because they’re airy, lightweight, and let feet breathe on scorching hot days. But recently, a fourth style has been added to the list, and we’d argue it might be the coolest, most comfortable option yet.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which celebrity started the trend — one that likely dates back years — but recently, a slew of celebs and models have made a strong case for the summer sneaker, more specifically, the white summer sneaker that’ll elevate your favorite breezy dress, skirt, or romper in seconds. And according to an InStyle fashion editor, it also makes your outfits look more expensive.

Emily Ratajkowski has been wearing a variety of cool white kicks with dresses and bike shorts, and if her outfits aren’t enough to convince you to invest in a pair (or two) for yourself, we’re not sure what will. You’ll certainly get plenty of use out of them.