16 delicious things you can do with the ground beef in your freezer

Ground beef: It’s easy to buy in bulk, freeze and whip up for a wide variety of recipes.

Whether you’re someone who consumes it as a once-in-while-treat or it’s a family-favorite protein you enjoy weekly, beef often one of those things people snag when it’s on sale and keep in the freezer. So, once you’ve properly defrosted it, what can you cook with ground beef?

Luckily, the options are endless. To satiate the craving for something hearty any day of the week, here are some simple one-pot beef recipes, ground beef casseroles and easy pasta dishes to make tonight or any night. Enjoy!

This is a great basic recipe that can be transformed in any way you like and requires only a few simple ingredients, many of which you might already have on hand. It also works with ground chicken or turkey and is a great base for tacos, Hamburger Helper, cottage pie or on its own. Read more