Pandemic Has Pregnant Women ‘Really Stressed,’ Survey Shows

Why? Fears that their infants might catch COVID-19 is one of the main reasons anxiety levels are soaring, a new survey finds.

Researchers from Washington State University analyzed responses from more than 160 pregnant and postpartum women (those who’d recently delivered) from April 28 to June 30, 2020.

The results showed that 52% of pregnant women and 49% of postpartum women worried about their babies contracting COVID-19, and 46% had sought additional information about COVID-19 protocols from the hospital where they planned to deliver, or had delivered, their babies.

The survey also revealed many other serious concerns. For example, one woman said her main concern was contracting COVID-19 and dying. Others worried about contracting the coronavirus in the hospital when they delivered or that COVID-19 policies would force them to isolate from their newborn or keep their partners out of the birthing room.

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