Which character’s wardrobe defines your fashion style

This Español series was the epitome of style with outfits straight out of a magazine cover. Every look in this series inspired people from around the world. Every style ranging from gothic to sleek to street style was showcased in this series, giving all the fans some major style goals.

There may be a chance that you were more bent towards Lucrecia’s chic and sophisticated wardrobe style or you were keener towards Rebeka’s swanky outfits. Which character’s fashion style do you more relate to? Scroll down and find it out yourself.

1. Carla Roson Caleruega
She was a marchioness so it was expected that her taste in fashion is also going to be nobel, classy and extravagant. If your go-to style for outfits is luxurious and high-end, then Carla is your muse. From her fancy bodycon dresses to her flashy accessories or even her school outfit that she made elegant with ribbons and ties can definitely make her one of the most stylish characters in the series. If you are a person who likes to create expensive fashion with posh outfits or who knows how to carry out the sultriest looks, add Carla’s wardrobe style into your collection.

2. Rebeka Parrilla
She was the edgy queen of this series. If your go-to style is quirky mismatched combinations of outfits or if you are into funky and statements looks, then Rebeka is your muse. From her whimsical hairstyles to her chokers and fishnets and to her body accessories over snazzy outfits, Rebeka has invented new fashion trends in every episode. If you are a person who likes to be in the spotlight and wants to experiment with different forms of fashion, who is eclectic and a badass, add Rebeka’s wardrobe style into your collection.