Wear the Future embarks on another Digital Cruise through sustainable fashion

Following its first digital runway show dedicated to sustainable fashion in October of last year, LA-based PR showroom agency Wear the Future is presenting Digital Cruise II “Earth Voyage”, a virtual show created in partnership with video game developer EA Games.

Conceived as a reflection on the environmental issues that the fashion industry has been forced to face up to during the Covid-19 pandemic, the second Digital Cruise show brings together 15 sustainable brands. In order to underscore the environmentally engaged message of the event, the brands’ pieces will be worn by activist models.

“It came as a natural response to our true commitment to sustainable fashion to have activist models. We are in awe of them because they dedicate themselves to long term goals, which kind of goes counter-clock in the fashion industry,” explained Wear the Future founder Annabelle Azadé in a release. “They are part of the educational work that we are trying to provide through the art of fashion and we are grateful to work with so many talents!”
Debuting on June 17, 2021, the see-now-buy-now digital runway show will also go live on the CFDA Runway360 website from July 1.

Furthermore, as part of the event’s partnership with the video game developer, all of the show designs will be digitally rendered in EA’s Covet Fashion app.

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