This New Wave Of Street Style Focuses On Everyday People

Amidst the pandemic-induced darkness that has gripped this country since early 2020 and even before, hope was an elusive commodity. A byproduct of days that turned into weeks that turned into months spent locked in our homes, many lost touch with any sense of prior normalcy, especially in terms of style. Fashion imagery mostly ignored the predicament, favoring an escapist approach instead. Masks were largely absent at fashion week and uncommon sightings among the pages of magazines. In the wake of depictions of this sartorial disconnect floated imagery of ensembles with the same fashion-induced joy that were refreshingly rooted in reality. These were mask-clad New Yorkers strutting the streets in their best looks, doing so in a way that respected the dangers of this pandemic but alluded to the optimism many were so desperate for.

These street-style photos surfaced via Instagram and provided a glimpse of the sartorial joy still very present on the streets of New York. On these accounts, you’ll find snaps of all types of city dwellers dressed in anything and everything—the weird, the minimal, the understated, the wacky. Some are hastily en route (New York–style), some laughing with friends, some striking a pose, but all served as proof that, yes, people were still “getting dressed.”

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