The Noteworthy Fashion Deals Of Amazon Prime Day 2021

We’ve combed every inch of Amazon leading up to Prime Day: tackling the best of the dot-com’s TikTok-famous offerings; sussing out the most sensational sex toys; culling the most competitive markdowns from Amazon’s big-box cohorts. But, out of all of the Prime Day deals erupting from the internet today, our hearts belong to the multitude of fashionable clothing deals lurking site-side today and tomorrow — and, let us tell you, this year’s style crop is a fruitful one.

Amazon’s pulling out all the stops in the closet category for Prime Day 2021, with markdowns on a host of its in-house brands along with discounts on a number of viral buys that we’ve devoted words to this year — including the notorious butt-scrunch leggings and a coterie of Insta-ready sunglasses. Even better, Shopbop’s dedicated Amazon storefront is rolling out some rare sales, and we’re carting up curated clothing from brands like ASTR the Label, Free People, and Rolla’s.

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