The North Face drops Futurelight logo following legal battle

The VF Corporation-owned brand was brought to court by the renowned street artist over alleged copyright infringement, in a lawsuit filed in California Central District Court, back in January. Futura claims that the outdoor brand knocked off its atom graphic that has appeared in his artwork for years to promote Futurelight—a waterproof fabric created by The North Face.

The two have worked together in the past, but Futura says he never gave permission to use his atom motif. Moreover, there are clear similarities to his own name and the Futurelight brand. While The North Face and its parent company filed a motion in April to dismiss the complaint, Futura since took his struggle to the public in an open letter on Instagram, which got a reaction from the company.

Despite the lawsuit and the new agreement, The North Face continues to deny claims of infringement. “Our Futurelight apparel technology launched October 1, 2019, and its logo was conceived and designed by our internal creative team to represent the nano spinning technology used to make Future light products.