The future of colour trend forecasting

Will it be possible in the future to determine colour trends not only by evaluating search engines and sales figures, but also on the basis of ‘Big Data’? This is exactly what an international team of programmers has been working on for a year. The goal is to recognise and map emerging trends through an algorithmic analysis of fashion.

The first result of the group, which calls itself Decoda, is the Fashion Color Extracta software. This evaluates the volume of colours in international designer collections as soon as they are presented on catwalks in Milan, New York, Paris and London.

Colour trends can now be captured in real time

“For the first time ever, the software enables the emergence of colour trends to be captured in real time. Not only does the collected colour data reveal which colours will be important in fashion, but also shows exactly how often and in which weightings these trend colours are being used. Even the rising and declining importance of the non-colours black and white can be tracked precisely,” elaborates the German Fashion Institute (DMI) in a blog post.