The Enduring Legacy of Ancient Greek Fashion and Clothing

Ancient Greek fashion is a fascinating look into the everyday lives of Greeks from thousands of years ago. It also remains relevant even today, with runways the world over paying tribute to the clothing styles favored by those who resided in ancient Athens and Sparta.

Looking into the clothing worn at any time in the past, you are bound to learn something about not only the values of the society that wore it but also how people were expected to live their daily lives in that culture.

The basics of ancient Greek fashion

Speaking to Greek Reporter, Amanda Hallay, a fashion and cultural historian, outlined the basics of ancient Greek clothing styles.

According to Hallay, there were three basic styles of clothing that most people wore in the ancient world.

“The chiton, peplos, and himation. The chiton was a rectangular piece of fabric wrapped around the body to create a tube — as we would with a beach wrap today — and secured at each shoulder with a fibulae, or clasp.

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