The best summer fashion finds at H&M, according to stylists

Pack up your chunky sweaters and cozy sweatpants — summer style is in full swing. “The season brings so much ease and color — you just can’t help but feel happy in summer fashion,” shares stylist and lifestyle blogger Liz Teich.

“What gets me the most excited about summer fashion are the bold colors, patterns and the celebration of our bodies,” shares stylist and creative director Phil Gomez. “In the summer we dress to attract and to be seen!”

So where to start if you’re looking to make this summer a hot one, sartorially speaking? It just so happens that you can find all the pieces you need to look super stylish without sacrificing your budget at H&M. Everything we’ve rounded up is under $50, and the brand has everything from simple yet chic basics to fun takes on the most popular summer fashion trends.

We’ve also recruited two stylists to walk us through the best summer fashion finds, whether you’re shopping in the men’s section, women’s section or both. Because, as Gomez shares, “clothing has no gender,” and if something fits, it fits! Ahead, browse their picks along with some fan faves sure to freshen up any wardrobe.

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