Stunning Dior Fashion Show Held at Athens Panathenaic Stadium

A jaw-dropping Dior fashion show was held in Athens at the Panathenaic Stadium on Thursday for the major fashion house’s “Cruise 2022” collection.

Setting the show at the world famous, historically significant, and most importantly decidedly Grecian “Kallimarmaro” stadium is clearly a nod to ancient Greece, which acts as a huge inspiration for Dior.

At the helm of the show held in Athens was Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s current creative director. Chiuri sees fashion through a feminist lens and in terms of the Dior “Cruise 2022” collection, she researched and subsequently channeled a lot of information about powerful ancient Greek women.

Chiuri’s inspiration explains why the setting of the show has been done in such an explicitly historical place, as well as the contents of the collection which are almost certainly Greek-inspired.

The creative director has chosen to implement Grecian dresses and draping in previous Dior shows, seemingly making Greece a theme in her work. In the “Cruise 2022” collection, the Dior designer chose to pair these traditional forms of dress with chunky and noticeable sneakers, evoking a powerful contrast which may elude to a sports or Olympic Games theme.

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