State launches online series to help ID mental health conditions early

We’re here for you helping guide you to resources that can help you and your loved ones.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission is launching a new online series to help identify behavioral issues early.

We’re taking a deep dive into what they look like and how they can point you in the right direction.

“Our hope is that the outcome is going to be that people intervene earlier people get help earlier before they get into a real crisis,” Trina Ita, an Associate Commissioner for Behavioral Health Services with HHSC said.

“When people learn more about behavioral health, they can overcome challenges and the stigma associated with mental illness to seek treatment and take that first step toward creating a better life for themselves and others,” said Sonja Gaines, HHS deputy executive commissioner for Intellectual and Developmental Disability and Behavioral Health Services

“Over 40 million adult Americans have an anxiety disorder,” the anxiety learning module points out.