Experiencing Hitmaker, the Global Contemporary Music Academy, on Opentrack

The global contemporary music academy Hitmaker has decided to jointly develop education programs with the global music education platform Opentrack, owned by CLESSON Co., Ltd. This alliance will allow students from all over the world to be able to access classes by Hitmaker X Opentrack faculty.

Located in Singapore, the team at Hitmaker has produced numerous musicians and students and recently achieved the Singapore Prestige Class Award in 2021/2022. As it is an academy that maintains a holistic educational approach of intensive practical education, the team up with Opentrack will open a new chapter in music education.

As shared by Jeff Miyahara, Hitmaker of the Year 2010 in Japan, CCO of Hitmaker, “A huge advantage is that this will allow students to be equipped with a myriad of course curriculums such as creative problem solving, musicianship, and technical production skills.” In addition to Hitmaker’s amazing courses, Opentrack also provides music education featuring the highest level of musicians from around the world.