Local woman sets eyes on 10th Taekwondo world title

One local girl is kicking all doubts aside when it comes to her passion. 24-year-old Meghan Bayer has only a few accomplishments under her belt to say the least.

“I am 19 time Pennsylvania State Champion, a 10 time Northeast District Champion, a nine time World Champion,” said Bayer.

She’s been performing Taekwondo on and off since 2007. All while in a wheelchair.

“At 16 years old I developed pediatric onset Stiff Person Syndrome,” she said.

Stiff Person Syndrome is a rare disorder, but how rare you may ask?

“Approximately one in one million,” she said.

The disease causes severe muscle spasms and makes people very stiff sometimes even tearing muscles or breaking bones.

“I just do the best I can and live each day to the best of my ability and just enjoy, quite honestly, the glorious life that god’s given me even though I have a ton of challenges,” she said.

She started Taekwondo because of being bullied in school.