SIU Fashion Design program gets creative for senior project

For SIU fashion school graduates, the April Student Showcase and Runway Fashion Show is the time to present collections they’ve worked on all year.

But due to Covid-19, they’ve had to navigate through some changes. From sewing to sketching, SIU’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program is no stranger to Covid-19’s impact.

Program Director Laura Kidd says she started with changing the amount of required garments.

“I reduced it from a minimum of eight to four and then I’m going to have them all come up with photo shoots, where they can source their own models or use some other ways of display with the background and everything. A lot like how you see in fashion magazines,” she said.

Last semester was completely virtual. Paige Gower says she and her four other classmates had to overcome adjustments to complete their projects.

“After doing everything online for you know, a little over a year, it was kind of odd. So, it’s kind of challenging to just get back in the swing of things and remember how things work in studio, but I would say it’s pretty comfortable once you get in and sit down, it comes back pretty fast,” she said.

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