Selena Gomez: Taylor Swift and Britney Spears Influenced My On-Stage Style

Iconic inspo! Selena Gomez has developed quite the fabulous fashion sense over the years. But creating her feminine-meets-classic look didn’t magically manifest.

In a new Vogue video, which was released on Wednesday, April 28, the 28-year-old Rare Beauty founder broke down her best — and worst — fashion moments since 2007.

Our favorite piece of intel she shared? Taylor Swift and Britney Spears both influenced her on-stage style!

“To be honest, when I was younger, Taylor inspired me a lot when it came to wardrobe and stage outfits,” she said while talking about the bejeweled number she wore in the “Love You Like a Love Song” music video from 2011.

While Gomez vowed that “you’re never gonna see me wear that again,” the outfit did serve its purpose.

“I thought it was my time to cross over and become a pop star, whatever that was to me then. It was just really fun. I think that was the first time I tried to be high fashion. And you can laugh at that — because that’s not high fashion,” she joked.

Fast forward to 2016 and Gomez had officially outgrown her status as a Disney Channel star, embracing sexier looks for red carpet appearances and concerts.

For her Revival tour, she rocked a skin-tight glitzy jumpsuit inspired by Spears.