Marine Serre Talks Tech, Textiles and Her Eclectic Approach to Fashion

Marine Serre

“Tomorrow is another day,” said Marine Serre, a designer whose eyes are riveted on the future no matter what she’s doing — designing, upcycling textiles or using CGI to create sci-fi fashion films.

Serre, a breakout talent in Paris, and winner of the LVMH and ANDAM prizes, in a conversation with Miles Socha, WWD’s international editor, at Fairchild Media Group’s Tech Forum, talked about how and why she merges tech and textiles — many of them old or surplus — and why she’s so eager to express herself on screen.

Her collections and films address environmental apocalypse and express her love of science fiction as she looks to connect with young generations.

That approach hasn’t changed, and film continues to be an important part of Serre’s seasonal collections.

“For quite some time I’ve felt like fashion was a little bit difficult, because you don’t have a lot of time, you have 10 minutes to show, 10 minutes to express the emotion, to connect with people. It’s quite short.

“I finally realized that by making a movie, any sort of movie — with or without CGI — I could connect better with people, even with people who are not at the show. Also, there are things that you can’t do physically,” that you can do in film.