Low-Rise Jeans Are Back In Style So When Will Fashion Trends Be Size-Inclusive From TF Get-Go?

Dear fellow non-skinny legends, I regret to inform you that low-rise jeans are back in fashion. Models Bella Hadid and Andrea Billantes have been spotted wearing them, and searches for them in Europe have increased by 73% in the last 12 months, according to The Guardian.

And, while I by no means aim to criticise people who want to wear them, the resurgence of low-rise jeans puts forth an important question from the Y2K era that seems to still be an issue today. When will fashion trends be size-inclusive from the fucking get-go?

Because, my good girls, gays, and theys, I for one am tired of spending hours looking for a “plus-size” version of a style that’s trending on Depop.

The Problem With Fashion Trends Like Low-Rise Jeans

When it comes to skinny privilege in fashion, low-rise jeans are It. Where baggy, oversized pants help accentuate hips and butts and work with all types of bodies, low-rise jeans accentuate extreme thinness and petit waists, and—here’s the real kicker—are designed for people with toned and slim bellies.

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