Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist

Pi’erre Bourne’s signature style of producing his own songs is at its highest level on “Retroville.” Bourne is so in tune with his own beat which is subtly spacey and electric. Bourne tries his hand at several flows throughout the song and all of them work seemingly in tangent.

Witch Vomit’s new song “Funeral Purgation” is purely blistering. Compared to its last project, the vocals are mixed lower into the rest of the production. This gives the song a much more menacing aesthetic alongside eerie, wailing guitar riffs. This death metal track runs evil and foul to the core.

With a new Tyler, The Creator project freshly released, it was a good time to revisit Tyler’s biggest artistic achievement to date, “IGOR.” An album that delves deep into love, relationships and breakups, “I THINK” is equally groovy as it is lyrically potent. The song is so easy to move and sing along to and Tyler’s soothing production is full of craftsmanship.

Këkht Aräkh’s “Swordsman” is one of the most beautifully emotional tracks of 2021. The piano track is like a warm hug telling the listener everything is going to be alright. The lyrics are full of melancholy, detailing a lonely and painful path a swordsman has had to endure.

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