Lee Jeans introduces sustainable eco dye process

Lee Jeans is moving towards the implementation of a lower impact dye process across its ranges.

Dubbed ‘Crystal Clear’, its latest innovative dye process is a water-saving dye technique that drastically reduces the amount of chemicals needed to dye denim, making it easier to recycle the water from the dye process.

While indigo dye does not stick to fabric or yarn, requiring the industry to use extra ingredients like compounds and salts, the Crystal Clear process uses an organic version that renders water safe for reuse.

The result is less waste, less water used and lower impact on the environment. Moreover, the sustainable method uses less energy, further shrinking the company’s environmental impact.

“Crystal Clear represents a significant step forward in the history of denim production and one we are really proud to be implementing at Lee Jeans,” the company said in a news statement.

The new process launched as part of the brand’s ‘For A World That Works’ initiative, which brings together its commitment to sustainability.