Katie Sturino Gets Real About Fashion, Size and How Women Can Move On in ‘Body Talk’ Book

She’s called out Zara, Chanel and Khloé Kardashian with her #MakeMySize and #WeightIsntNews social media hashtags, and gone all in with features like the “Roll Test Olympics,” putting dozens of pairs of underwear to the sit test on video for her 579,000 followers.

Now, fashion publicist-turned-influencer and Megababe entrepreneur Katie Sturino is hoping to give women the tools to move beyond defining themselves by their bodies in her new book “Body Talk,” debuting today from Random House.

Sturino got her start working in public relations, founding her own firm at age 25, and working with Dolce & Gabbana, among other brands.

From those days, she remembers enduring everyday slights over size that continue to be present in the industry, including not being able to fit into designer samples or gifts, and often feeling like the biggest person in the room.

But her perception began to shift after she asked to be featured on the Man Repeller style blog. The comments were so positive that Sturino realized the need for more discussion about size-inclusivity, and in 2015, she launched her own blog, The 12ish Style, and Instagram account, @KatieSturino.