Jennifer Lopez Wore $79 Dad Pants While Out With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez et al. standing in a room: Bauer-Griffin/Getty

Last January, which feels like many many years ago, Jennifer Lopez wore white skinny jeans. PPeople gotgot worked up about itit because it was months after Labor Day,, and everyone knows that,, according to some archaic rule, we aren’t supposed to wear white until summer.

These daysThese days, Lopez has been following the fashion rule she loves to break by wearing all-white outfits during the correct season on dates with Ben Affleck. Some tabloids might want to look too deeply into the significance of that,, but we’re just going to go ahead and say she looks great. Especially since her most recent all-white outfit features an affordable pair of $79 dad pants from Urban Outfitters.

We can probably go ahead and thank Gen Z for the recent surge in popularity of “”dad pants”” because the generation is a fan of looser silhouettes; generation straddler Gigi Hadid confirmed the trend by wearing a pair by the brand Braindead just the other week.

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