How the A.I. explosion could save the market and maybe the economy

Artificial intelligence is changing our lives – from education and politics to art and healthcare. The AI industry continues to develop at rapid pace. But what exactly is it? Should we be optimistic or worried about our future with this ever-evolving technology? Join host and tech reporter Bobby Allyn in NPR Explains: AI, a podcast series exclusively on the NPR app.
NPR Explains: AI answers your most pressing questions about artificial intelligence:
What is AI? – Artificial intelligence is a multi-billion dollar industry. Tons of AI tools are suddenly available to the public. Friends are using apps to morph their photos into realistic avatars. TV scripts, school essays and resumes are written by bots that sound a lot like a human. AI scientist Gary Marcus says there is no one definition of artificial intelligence. It’s about building machines that do smart things. Listen here.
Can AI be regulated? – As technology gets better at faking reality, there are big questions about regulation. In the U.S., Congress has never been bold about regulating the tech industry and it’s no different with the advancements in AI. Listen here.
Can AI replace creativity? – AI tools used to generate artwork can give users the chance to create stunning images. Language tools can generate poetry through algorithms. AI is blurring the lines of what it means to be an artist. Now, some artists are arguing that these AI models breach copyright law. Listen here.
Does AI have common sense? – Earlier this year, Microsoft’s chatbot went rogue. It professed love to some users. It called people ugly. It spread false information. The chatbot’s strange behavior brought up an interesting question: Does AI have common sense? Listen here.
How can AI help productivity? – From hiring practices to medical insurance paperwork, many big businesses are using AI to work faster and more efficiently. But that’s raising urgent questions about discrimination and equity in the workplace. Listen here.
What are the dangers of AI? – Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “godfather of AI,” spent decades advancing artificial intelligence. Now he says he believes the AI arms race among tech giants is actually a race towards danger. Listen here.

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