Fashion is art

In the beginning stages of planning for the First Annual Art at the Outlets at Tejon event, the question “how can we mix fashion and art?” was asked.

The consensus: Fashion IS art.

The clothes we wear are creative representations carried out by thousands of designers and placed on millions of canvases.

Fashion is walking art and communication.

It communicates who we are, our feelings and aspirations, the places we are going and the places we have already been.

That was the tone set for the event, which was a new concept for Kern County.

Surrounding the shopping center were 10 beautifully decorated, freestanding, interactive art walls meant to be Instagram-worthy for visitors to use.

Each wall was created by local muralist Jen Cordova, artist Cassandra Gear and event specialist Shannon Hough.

The idea originated as a celebration to welcome new tenant Bird Dog Arts, whose mission is to bring fine art to the masses by making art accessible through various price points.

Families came in relaxed attire in various shades of blues and whites communicating comfort and stability as their children ran from place to place. Others strolled in bright and early in their Sunday best filled with vibrant colors of the rainbow.