Clock runs out on Texas transgender student athletes bill

A bill prohibiting transgender student athletes from participating on a sports team consistent with their gender identity is effectively dead after the clock struck midnight without lawmakers in the Texas House of Representatives taking a vote on the measure.

Tuesday was a critical deadline in the House as the final day for lawmakers to give initial approval to many Senate bills. The transgender student athletes bill was on the day’s calendar and given placement that allowed it to be taken up before numerous other proposals, but as the clock inched toward midnight the bill’s dimming chances of passage became increasingly clear. The Texas Legislature adjourns May 31.

Democrats gathered by the microphone at the front of the House chamber waived blue, pink and white flags representing the transgender community as business wrapped up for the night.

“It’s just an unnecessary, divisive bill that really harms, because even talking about the bill transgender youth in our state,” said Rep. Chris Turner of Grand Prairie, chair of the House Democratic Caucus. He wore a small pin on his suit lapel of the flag.