Dispatch Health has announced a new medical system partnership. LHC Group Enters Oregon Hospice Market

On Tuesday, home care provider Dispatch Health announced a partnership with Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) and Waterbury Health.

The partnership revolves around providing home care to patients on the same day.

Based in Denver, Dispatch Health has partnered with healthcare systems and payers to provide a variety of services in the home. The company’s care team is available daily to help address patient needs to reduce hospital readmissions and other adverse health events.

Both ECHN and Waterbury Health are part of Prospect Medical, a national network. Together, they serve more than 30 communities throughout Connecticut.

The partnership with DispatchHealth will, in theory, allow each system to better monitor patients.

Patients can request Dispatch Health services at home, but “bridge care” services are also available. Bridge care helps identify care gaps and move patients from one care point to the next.

“Dispatch Health is redefining what is possible on a patient’s healthcare journey,” said Dr. Mark Father, CEO of Dispatch Health, in a press release. “We believe that the healthcare system sees our unique services as a way to extend our reach to even more patients. In partnership with ECHN and Waterbury HEALTH, patients from these two healthcare systems We are pleased to be able to provide high quality care that we have come to know, but the convenience of effective care at home has been proven.“