Christopher John Rogers

The idea that every collection needs a lofty inspiration source is passé, just ask Christopher John Rogers. The designer’s latest collection steers clear of the referential. No, Rogers hasn’t canceled his Netflix account, tossed out his books, or stopped looking at pictures, but the past didn’t inform his creative process. Instead, he wanted to evoke a feeling of optimism while avoiding the clichés associated with the term.

“I wanted it to be visceral and come from my heart. I felt like we’ve developed so many house signatures we didn’t need to reference a specific era or themes. This was more about cutting clothes and providing people with opportunities to enjoy dressing up,” Rogers shared over Zoom. “Last year, as I was designing it, I thought if I’m only going to make one more collection, what would it look like? And the answer wasn’t informed by the past or what I thought buyers might want. I love fashion, and I’m a fan of fashion, so that came through in the clothes.”

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