Chico’s is having a moment with Gen Z and millennials

If there’s one thing that current fashion is telling us, it’s to expect the unexpected. Over the last few months, Chico’s has seen a shift in the demographics engaging with its content. Millennials and Gen Zers have been discovering the retailer, once considered the domain of middle-aged women. Younger shoppers are proudly tagging the brand in looks featuring both thrifted vintage Chico’s, as well as new finds.

Caitlin August, a 34-year-old with a background in secondhand fashion, went to Chico’s this spring with her grandmother, who lives in a Fairfax, Virginia retirement home. The shopping trip was a post-vaccination reunion outing. “Her favorite thing to do is go to lunch and shop, and to the movies, but we didn’t feel comfortable doing that yet,” August said. So they went to Chico’s, one of her grandmother’s favorite stores. “She loves Chico’s. She has always loved Chico’s,” August told Glossy.

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