American Eagle launches sustainable jeans collection

By using guidelines developed by the Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular team alongside over 80 denim experts, the AE x Jeans Redesign collection adheres to the principles of a circular economy where clothes are made with limited impact, are recyclable and are long-lasting to be kept in use.

The collection will be made of 100-percent organic cotton with easy-to-remove hardware, making the jeans easily recyclable, and will be produced without the use of harmful chemicals and processes, among other sustainable aspects.

“By taking measures to ensure more responsible product sourcing, we are working hard to help create a healthier environment for future generations. As part of AEO’s broader sustainability goals, we’ve made a commitment to move toward more sustainable raw materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as reducing our water and energy usage,” said Jay Schottenstein, executive chairman and chief executive officer.

“Our adoption of the guidelines set by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for the AE x Jeans Redesign collection represents AEO’s ongoing journey and pledge to accelerate improvements across our operations through innovation and collaboration.”

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