9 Fashion and Shoe Designers Sound Off on the Return of High Heels

As increasing vaccinations across the U.S. collide with rising temperatures, many are heralding the return of dressing up — including the high heel. While interpretations of the shoe vary from designer to designer (and wearer to wearer) most agree that a little heel goes a long way when it comes to festive dressing. Here, nine designers give their thoughts on the return of the beloved — and yes, beleaguered — high heel:

Mary Alice Malone

“Probably much like the rest of us I spend most of my time working from home or outside with the babies. But I have really made a point to wear heels when I get a chance to have a date night with my husband. I really miss my heels, and they keep looking at me so longingly. We are so used to practical shoes that craving a crazy pair of heels is just a natural reaction.”

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Giuseppe Zanotti

“I feel like everyone cannot wait to go back to ‘life.’ Covid has been a time of rethinking and reinvention, yet people miss their lives, their habits – they miss going out and having fun. So yes, I think women will wear heels again. Heels make you feel more feminine and secure sometimes. You walk differently, you act differently, everything looks more exciting when you feel beautiful and step into a room with confidence.

That said, they will stick to more comfortable clothes and shoes for daytime. A woman can be feminine even when she wears flats. But women do not need any advice; they always know how to pull it off. Even men have been wearing slightly higher heels lately. We are in front of a new book to be written for men also.”

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Chloe Gosselin

“Three months ago I would have told you people are done with high heels, but from what I’m seeing now, I think they will come back stronger than ever. As a woman making heels, as long as they are comfortable and the quality is still there, I think they will be back. But now you need to have an offering of flats, too. As a mom, running around, I won’t be wearing a heel all day. At the beginning (when I launched my brand) I had crazy high heels, but I’ve taken them down now a bit, and added options like block heels.”