8 Gadgets under $30 To Spice Up Any Sports Car

8 Gadgets under $30 To Spice Up Any Sports Car (and 2 to Avoid)

When you drive a speedy machine, you need a way to mark it as your own and give it some trademark flavor. You deserve to feel at home in your car.

It ought to be more like a name tag and less like you’re renting a 4-cylinder Camaro from Enterprise. Even in bone-stock cars, there are accessories and mods that will make it yours and enhance your time in it, all of which can come from Amazon for less than $30!

In modern times, car modifications have been reserved mostly for Japanese or heavily modified youthful sports cars, and keeping a car within warranty guidelines is the new norm, even after the warranty expires.

Either way, you need to be able to spot your car in the parking lot, or more likely, a car meet next to three other blue Porsche 911s. Here are the eight best and two worst mods you can do under $30 that will make people.

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