Coffee gadgets to try for barista-style results


Lift your daily grind with these coffee gadgets and makers for the home barista.

For many, our morning coffee is one of life’s great little pleasures. There may be moments when we’d like to shoo our caffeine addiction out the door, especially when it’s hard to find a good cup, but mostly we’re quite comfortable with this daily dependency.

If your coffee habit has become a little stale, percolating away in the same routine, it might be time to lift your game and get a little more enjoyment out of each cup.

Maybe you’re keen to do-away with store-bought coffee or have a go at DIY espresso to save money, or maybe it’s simply time to update your home equipment and pay a bit more attention to your grinds.

Whatever your motivation, we’ve rounded up some gadgets that might help you invigorate your morning shot.

An espresso machine can be a substantial investment, but if your coffee habit has been your longest relationship and things are getting serious, it’s probably worth setting yourself up with a home machine that will ultimately save you money.

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