Should you buy an electric car? Comparison with other fuel cars, pros and cons

As year-end discounts by car companies and dealers start to pour in, new buyers are shuffling through a range of decisions.

This year, the rising prices of petrol/diesel and high pollution levels in metros have added one more quandary to the decision basket: Should I buy an electric car?

Potential buyers have a million questions: Are electric cars cheaper in the long run? Where and how does one charge the car? Is the charging infrastructure in place? To help such buyers, ET Wealth weighs the pro and cons, and provides a comparison with other fuel cars so that they can take an informed decision.

In collaboration with, we also offer a list of electric cars in the market and those likely to be launched soon. An electric car runs either partially or fully on electric power using energy stored in batteries, while petrol and diesel cars use an internal combustion engine (ICE).

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