5 times GIGI HADID showed us how to wing it right

Supermodel and mamma Gigi Hadid always has a ton of beauty secrets she religiously follows and her penchant for shimmery lids and eyelashes are known to all her admirers. If you’re waiting to douse your eyes with makeup, now is the time to highlight your pretty peepers. Gigi will show you how fun it is to wear these wearable and stunning strokes. What’s more? She’ll show how to keep it simple and go bold if need be.

The key to perfecting these liners is to practice them every day. Begin with small strokes and gradually increase the volume as the day progresses. Also, practice dabbing hush before using those wands and brushes. This will help your eye makeup stay put for a longer period. We scoured Gigi’s Instagram for a few looks to steal and imitate. They’ll make your eyes pop out hearts for sure.

Love the good ol’ classic and simple black eyeliner? Follow a minimal route by applying light brown eyeshadow on your lids, and a bold lip. When paired with a light-hued shirt, it will create an impactful look.

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