32 Stylish Fashion Pieces That Say “Disney Fan” Without Being Obvious About It

The Disney Princess x POPSUGAR collection for Target is finally here, and if you think all the subtle slogans and homages to Moana, Ariel, Tiana, and Belle don’t put us in the mood for a magical shopping haul, you clearly haven’t seen the stacked product lineup. We love the glistening pearl ring dish in particular, which you can keep by your bedside or add to your jewelry tray for the everyday trinkets you feel naked without. And the satin eye mask should make an obvious addition to your most luxurious statement pajamas.

With that, we also did some research to find various other tees, accessories, dresses, shoes, and vacation wear that will remind you of your favorite Disney characters without making your outfit feel corny or over-the-top. If you’re not the kind of person who wants to knit Mickey ears onto all your clothes, we feel you — and we’re here for that. Ahead, shop the Disney Princess x POPSUGAR pieces, plus some fun and affordable fashion items mixed in with a touch of designer luxury that fit the bill. Come on, you can’t deny you’d be upset if we didn’t share that Gucci Donald Duck waistbag or the Jimmy Choo snowflake purse with you.

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