How To Curl Your Hair Using No Heat and a Pair of Tube Socks—Yep, Tube Socks


a cake made to look like a face: Getty Images/Walter B. McKenzie

Curling your own hair is no simple feat. There are many things at risk: burnt fingertips, crimped strands, Shirley Temple ringlets, heat damage, split ends, and wasted time. If you’ve figured out a way to easily and consistently wield the curling wand, our hat’s off to you. If you haven’t, don’t sweat. Turns out, you can learn how to get bouncy, beachy curls without even picking up a hot tool, thanks to TikTok beauty experimenters that have figured out an easy, heat-free way to achieve curls overnight.

All you need is a pair of long tube socks. Yes, seriously. With just a reach into your sock drawer, you have a cheap, heatless curling method. The technique involves using two or four long socks, depending on how many sections you want to twist. The socks just need to be long enough to span the length between your roots and ends. The only other items you need are claw clips or long bobby pins to hold down the socks as you twist, as well as hair elastics. (Preferably, skinny silk scrunchies to avoid any creasing or crimping.) Using foam rollers, fabric, or strips of an old T-shirt were common ways to curl one’s hair in 1950s and 1960s, so think of this an updated version.

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